Ariella Daly eats pie for breakfast. She prefers parasols to umbrellas. When she wants to dream, she sleeps inside a rickety old grand piano. She became a musician because someone told her once, it is important to water your heart. This is what she does now.

Ariella self-released her album, Waterkeeper in 2010, subsequently touring with The Sam Chase and Joanna Newsom.  Due to injury, she took a break from piano from 2012-2015, and joined San Francisco based band, The Sam Chase as a singer.  Recently she relocated to Portland, OR and is working on material for a second album. 

Ariella grew up in the musically rich Northern California town, Nevada City, where she was influenced by classical piano, folk music and music from the British Isles.  She receives her greatest inspiration from the natural world, which is reflected in her work as both musician and natural beekeeper.

Ariella is also very fond spending all day by a river.



Other Stuff I Do

Honey Bee Wild

I am a beekeeper and beekeeping consultant.  I teach people how to become hive guardians, focusing on natural beekeeping, apicentric practices and alternative hive styles.


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Joanna Newsom

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Crow and the Canyon

Foxtails Brigade

Devon McClive

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The Natural Beekeeping Trust

The Sacred Trust


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Lexi Daly Designs

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